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Critique of Research Studies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Critique of Research Studies - Assignment ExampleThe researcher introduces the scope of the research by stating that all health care workers are required to comply with hand-hygiene guidelines and provides the rational for this practice and thus, the study. However, the researcher does not provide an outline of how the issues relating to compliance are going to be addressed within the report.Creedon (2006) states the main research problem as the “health care workers’ observance of the hand-hygiene rules during patient care in an ICU in Ireland before and after execution of a multifaceted hand-hygiene program,� in addition to the attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs of health workers in relation to the hand-hygiene program.The researcher is very precise in stating the research questions relating to this particular study. The first research question relates to what effects the multifaceted approach would have on the compliance to hand washing guidelines by health care workers.

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